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JJAP product series ¡ªlining tank

Release time 2019/7/12 14:26:53

JJAP product series ¡ªlining tank  

Since its opening, JJAP TANK has been diligent, innovative and has contributed to diversified product categories. The signing of the first batch of four lining tanks filled the gap of special tanks in JJAP, which marks a solid step in the lining tank product line. This product represents many firsts in the industry from design to qualified delivery.

Ò». In less than four months after its opening, JJAP TANK successfully signed a contract for lining tank.

¶þ. In just four months of production cycle, we have achieved high-quality delivery, complete one-off airtight. The perfect collaboration between upstream and downstream supply chains of the product is the result of the joint efforts of the departments of quality control and technology, as well as the specific results of the suppliers quality system assessment.

Èý. As the first product of the special series in JJAP TANK, lining tank will become the demonstration and benchmark in tank industry.