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Jiangsu Taizhou TV news report- Jingjiang Asian-Pacific Logistics Equipment Co., Ltd. ¨C a leading enterprise of global tank manufacturer

Release time 2018/8/14 9:17:03

With news broadcast in TaiZhou TV, JJAP has been known and recognized by more and more people in tank industry. The following is excerpt from the news report in Tai-Zhou TV.

Jingjiang Asian-Pacific Logistics Equipment Co., Ltd. (for short-JJAP) is located at the development zone of JingJiang Precise Fabricating Industrial Park. We can see lots of trucks and trolleys flow through JJAP Gate every day and various tank containers have been delivered all over the world from here. With completion of all four workshops and the first production line within nine months, JJAP has gone into operation and emerged as a new force in tank industry in a way of innovative design, effective production, best service capability, etc. Besides, it has the most advanced production line in the world with 80% automatic equipment as well as several tens of innovative designs. The capacity of our current production line is 6,000 tanks per year. Nowadays JJAP has received many orders from Europe, North America, Australia, South Asia, etc.

JJAP is the first one in tank field to use the fourth generation laser cutting machine for panel cutting and hole drilling which increases cutting accuracy and reduces lots of grinding work. Laser tracing systems is also used in the welding process of heating tube, which means heating of steam tube can be followed by laser tracing instead of manual visual operation which contributes a lot to welding appearance and improves efficiency accordingly. Moreover, to meet the demand of clients, JJAP has developed sorts of special tanks for loading liquefied gas and refrigerator. One SGP client caught JJAP to make inquiry of one kind of tank to load liquid chemical solvent to replace traditional plastic packaging, which will be preferable with the increasing requirement for safety and environment in the future.

JJAP¡¯s goal is to become the leading role in tank filed and present its strong tank manufacturing ability in front of the world.