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The first 25cbm dome ends was successfully pressed

Release time 2019/7/22 10:58:10

The first 25cbm dome ends was successfully pressed

The first 25cbm dome ends had been successfully pressed on Jun.28, which marks the completeness of our production line from dome ends pressing to tanks production. The diameter of the first dome end is 2330mm with the thickness of 5.3mm, which had been accepted by classification society and many customers.

As we all know, dome ends are one of the most important parts of the liquid tank container. In order to ensure the quality of dome ends, our company has set up a dome end team to promote the production by means of CNC cutting machine, polishing machine with the concept of intelligent manufacturing.

Starting from mold manufacturing, material procurement, product manufacturing and process improvement, our dome end project team strives for perfection and completes the first dome end pressing successfully.

Our dome end production line is the most advanced in the tank industry. Not only that, our dome end engineers have rich experience in the industry of pressure vessel, which makes our production process and technology ahead of other tank manufactures.