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Secretary, Mayor and government officers of Taizhou city visit JJAP TANK

Release time 2018/7/31 11:09:43

Jingjiang Asian-Pacific Logistics Equipment Co.,Ltd (hereinafter called ¡°JJAP TANK¡±) is located in Xingang Park of Jingjiang economic and technological development zone. It only takes nine months to finish all the construction of four workshops, office building and one production line.

The gross investment of JJAP is RMB600 million, after completion of another three production lines, the annual production capacity will be 20,000 units with the annual output value of RMB2 billion. Our company will become the leading manufacturer of first-class logistics equipment.

On July 16, accompanied by JJAP management team, Secretary and Mayor of Taizhou city together with two hundreds of government officers paid a visit to our workshop and the most advanced production facilities.

The government leaders exchanged the ideas about the safety-production, production quality and production procedure with our company¡¯s senior leaders  during the visit and gave our company high evaluation and affirmation.