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Release time 2019/7/12 14:08:07


Recently, people with ulterior motives spread rumors and slander Jingjiang Asia-Pacific logistics equipment co., LTD. with the intention of destroying the normal operation of JJAP TANK, so as to bring down our company. Our company will assess the impact of the situation and maintain the right to investigate relevant legal liabilities.

We hereby declare that many customers have been visiting our company and entered into business relationship since our opening ceremony on May. Our products¡¯ quality has gotten positive comments from the customers from domestic and abroad. Currently, our business operation is normal and becomes more and more prospective. We sincerely hope that the customers will not believe these rumors and pay a visit to our company to verify the truth. We will always provide the best quality and service to our customers and concentrate on the self-innovation on the tank products. 

Jingjiang Asian-Pacific Logistic Equipment Co., Ltd.

September 25, 2018