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Promoting JJAP capacity-- By the end of 2018, JJAP can produce 10 tanks per day with one shift

Release time 2018/9/13 17:42:58

with the development of marketing reputation , more and more client get close to JJAP , in order to meet increasing requirement for tank service

calling of duty, JJAP¡¯s production department take actual steps to ensure capacity promoted within short period£º1£®Improve operational efficiency of equipment by means of the optimization of fixture and facilities
2£®Advanced scheme held ahead of production to ensure production performed as schedule
3£®Some bottleneck station got adjusted in order to ensure reasonable layout and smoothly production
4£®To infuse capacity ideas into employee by skill training and improving quality spirits
By the end of 2018, JJAP can produce 10 tanks per day with one shift , it is the same accomplishment as that other factory spent nearly one or two years to be reached, which is benefited from team-work as well as carefully planning and will establish strong foundation for future orders.