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Release time 2019/8/6 9:44:27


According to recent information that we received from multi-channels, our competitor(s) has(have) released rumors that  JJAP has financial crises and patent deputes issues. This is trying to blemish JJAP¡¯s image with purpose to block our development. Such rumors have had a serious negative impact on  us. Now we solemnly declare the following:

1.     JJAP TANK has devoted itself to the research and development of independent intellectual property rights. Since May 2018, JJAP TANK has successfully obtained 38 national utility patents and invention patents. There is no infringement of intellectual property rights of other competitors in the industry.     

2.     With the great support from the local government and financial institutions in Jingjiang as well as the efforts of the cadres and staff of the whole company, the company is operating very well and developing fast. The loan quota applied by JJAP TANK is totally within the business and which is also guaranteed by JJAP Group. Therefore, the competitor says that JJAP takes customers assets to the bank for mortgage to obtain loans is irresponsible.

Further, the rumors took a public information somewhere to mislead the global customers that JJAP TANK has a loan of RMB162 million which is a huge figure that JJAP TANK could not bear with. Actually, the annual turnover of JJAP Group in this year will be more than RMB 2 billion (300 Million USD) from various business areas including special container, renewable energy equipment, new material and tank container. Besides, banks have nowadays extremely strict and rational policies on releasing loan to enterprises.

We strongly claim that the company(ies) and its (their) employee must stop fabricating and spreading rumors immediately. Otherwise we will surely use legal action to against the company(ies) and the  individual(s) who spread(s) rumors to damage JJAP¡¯s image and we will certainly use legal approaches to protect our rights.

JJAP TANK is new comer as tank container manufacturer who focus on delivering great services and high quality products to our customers. We believe global customers will benefit from the development of JJAP TANK as one more choice. We suggest the rumors fabricator should respect the industry developing in a good way.

Jingjiang Asian-Pacific Logistics Equipment Co., Ltd.

August 1, 2019