Jingjiang Asian pacific Logistics Equipment Co., Ltd
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 Jingjiang Asian-Pacific Logistics Equipment Co., Ltd
(Hereafter referred to as¡°JJAP TANK¡±) is a tank container manufacturer specializing in tank design, refurbishment, repair, technical support and logistic service with a global depot network in Rotterdam, Singapore, Houston, Melbourne.

Our company is located in Jingjiang National Economic and Development Zone, Jiangsu Province, China, only three kilometers away from Yangtze River dock and two-hour drive from Shanghai. It has superior geographical location and regional port advantages.

JJAP TANK is operated and managed by a professional team with more than a decade of experience in the tank industry. Our tanks are manufactured in a  world-class advanced facilities to ensure meet the high standards of the tank industry. JJAP TANK has the capability to build various types of products, such as: 20/30ft ISO tank, swap body, wide body, lining tank, heating/cooling tank, food grade tank and offshore tank just to name a few. Moreover, begging in June of 2019 our production line will expand to include U-stamp tank and T50 gas tanks. This product structure upgrade will provide one-stop service for tank customers around the world.

Our product line underscores our commitment to provide products manufactured to demanding standards while providing high-value service for the world's tank users. We are looking forward to the collaboration with you.