Jingjiang Asian pacific Logistics Equipment Co., Ltd
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      Jingjiang Asian-Pacific Logistics Equipment Co., Ltd
     (Hereafter referred to as the ¡°JJAP TANK¡±), specialises in tank container design & development,production and repair. The Company is located in Xingang Park in Jingjiang economic and technological development zone. The good location offers an excellent connection between the company and the river trade terminal of the Yangtze River, which is only 3 kilometres away. In addition the location is adjacent to the four main expressways that link Jingjiang city to Shanghai and the other major cities in Jiangsu Province. This make access and transportation very convenient; typically Shanghai and Nanjing are only 1.5 hours drive away.
     JJAP TANK is able to provide high-level tank container equipment globally. It is operated by professional design and management team that have been involved in ISO tank container design and manufacture for the international market for over 10 years, this is supplemented by Quality Assurance and Quality Control personnel who are familiar with International Customer¡¯s expectations.
    The company owns world-class production lines, which produce high-quality products by taking advance manufacturing concepts, strict process control systems and scientific detection methods. JJAP TANK insists upon independent innovation and research. The Company produces standard tank container, special tank container including wide/high cube type, heating/cooling type, super-insulation type, food grade type, lining, etc¡­ The company will focus on researching the latestinnovations in logistics equipment, to improve the technological quality of the product itself. JJAP TANK will always insist on providing best products and services for customers globally, to build JJAP a world-class brand.